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Angela was playing Tetris on her new-old phone when her old-new phone rang. She picked it up, noticing her parents' number on the caller ID.

"Hello?" she said, figuring her mom was scheduling stuff for the weekend. Graduation weekend. That was weird.

"Angela!" Her mom sounded oddly chipper, in an exhausted way. "Are you all right, sweetie?"

"Of course," Angela said, vaguely annoyed. "I'm done with classes, so I'm just waiting to graduate.' She bit a thumbnail. "When will you and dad and Danielle be here?"

"That's kind of why I'm calling," her mother began reluctantly. "Angela, your father slipped on some aioli and fell in the kitchen and -- well, he'll be fine, but right now he's in a cast."

Angela raised an eyebrow. "Seriously, he's all right?"

"He will be," Patty Chase repeated. "He's just -- not supposed to travel." She was talking fast, now. "And Danielle has a state gymnastics meet on Sunday morning, and she is throwing a fit about missing it because she thinks she'll be too big to compete next year, and you know this is the worst time of the year for the print shop, and your grandfather is back in the hospital for more tests, and ..."

Suspicion was dawning in Angela's mind. "Are you going to miss my high school graduation?" she asked, semi-hysteric. "Your oldest daughter is graduating once and I haven't seen you guys in months and you're skipping out?"

There was a long pause on the other end. "I was going to come," her mom said. "Let Camille Cherski take care of your dad and your sister and represent the Chases all on my lonesome. But -- so this morning I ran into that Rayanne -'

"Don't call her that -"

"Rayanne Graff, she was visiting Brian Krakow, or something like that, and she asked how you were. And I told her about you, and how well you were, and that your graduation was tomorrow, and a little bit about the craziness around us traveling now." Another hesitation. "And she, um, suggested that she could take the graduation tickets off my hands." An even longer pause. "She is very persuasive."

"So RAYANNE is coming?" Angela asked, blinking. That ... might not be awful, though she was still hurt her family wouldn't be there. "Who's she bringing? I mean, with the other two tickets."

"I hope Sharon and Brian," Patty said. "I ... couldn't get a clear answer out of her. She promised you'd be happy, and, honestly, the whole thing happened so fast ..." Her tone was apologetic. "Is there any way this can be okay for you, Angela?"

Angela sighed, exaggerating the sound so her mother would know how put out she was. "It's fine," she said in a small voice. "I'll be home in two weeks anyhow."

"I know. And, sweetie, we'll throw the biggest graduation party in Pittsburgh when you are," Patty promised. She might have said more, but there was a terrible clattering sound. "I think your father is trying to rearrange things in the kitchen again," she confided. "I'll go take care of him. Call us and let us know how graduation went?"

Angela promised she would and hung up, very confused but not unhappy. Her door was partially open, and she would welcome company.
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