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Marty wasn't hovering really. He was just listening intently to the baby monitor with a magazine sitting on his lap that he was pretending to read.

And really a case of the sniffles wasn't too much to worry about, but he could have sworn he heard a small cough coming through the speaker.

"Think she's getting sick?"

"I don't know," Angela said, sounding weary. "If she is, I am too. I was sneezing so hard in class that I had to leave."

Marty flopped back against the couch and sighed. "You don't have a thing at the back of your throat where it feels like it's swelling do you?" he asked. "Because it sounds like a trend to me."

Angela pressed her forefingers against her throat and whimpered. "Fantastic," she said. "And this weekend is homecoming. We still haven't seen Rory and Anakin's baby."

"Or John and Aeryn's," Marty said closing his eyes. "On the plus side if we told them that Abby was sick they'd totally understand."

"Could we have a really big christening party for Abby?" Angela asked, twisting her engagement ring. "Maybe sometime in December."

"All the kids of Fandom could be there," Marty said with a small grin. "And I'm betting at least one of them would be armed."

"Aeryn's kid, at least," Angela agreed. "So -- no homecoming? I mean, we'll live."

"Yeah. Probably for the best. Besides the last time we went to homecoming Abby turned into a teenager in five minutes," Marty said shivering at the memory. "I'm so not prepared to go through that again."

Angela shuddered. "No. We'll stay here with, like, muggers and crazy street people and our colds, where it's nice and safe."

"Hey, hey, hey," Marty said waving his finger. "Let's not knock the crazy street people. I have a theory they've just been in a bad gremlin biting accident."

Laughing, Angela went to kiss his forehead. "Think they ate some cookies that were people?"

"It's entirely possible," Marty said moving to slip his arm around Angela's shoulder. "I'll have to check to see if Mars is sending any snickerdoodles to the homeless. Should we send an e-mail and let people know we're not going? Or will that be pretty self-evident with the us being here and not there."

"I think it'll be obvious," Angela decided. "I'll email Cam, though. He wanted to see Abby."

"Works for me. You e-mail Cam, I'll break out the cold medicine and Vick's Vap-o-rub."

"A romantic weekend at home," Angela agreed wearily as she went to turn on the computer.

[OOC: Preplayed with the fabulous-even-in-his-absence [ profile] oatmanspatient. NFB, NFI, OOC OK.]
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