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Over Thanksgiving at the Chase house, Marty had cracked a joke about Brian Krakow. Instead of laughs he got a lot of blank looks from the family and an uneasy shrug from Angela.

Marty didn't think anything about it. Not even a few days later when calls and e-mails started bouncing back whenever he tried to contact Marcella.

Only now? No one seemed to remember Danielle. And when they watched the weather this morning while getting ready for school and work, they noticed that half the United States was missing.

"Grab whatever you can," Marty said quietly as he reached for his cell phone to call Portalocity. "I'll see if we can get a portal out of here."

Angela frowned briefly -- she was never as big a fan of portaling off into the unknown as Marty was -- but realized she could see no other choice. She went to get bags for herself and Abby together, trying to make it into a game so Abby wouldn't complain too much about missing music day at preschool.

Once they were gathered, she and Abby stood in the living room swaying a little under the weight of their loaded backpacks and winter coats.

"Could you get one?," she asked, while Abby went to attack Marty's legs.

"Yep! Looks like we're going to Fandom." Marty said with false-cheerfulness as he picked up Abby and headed for the door. "Looks like that might be the safest place. And with only seven layovers. Isn't that nice? But we've got to leave. As in right now."

"As in right --" Okay, this would not be a good time for Angela to totally break down sobbing, would it?

As they walked down the street, Angela noticed things were even worse than the news had shown. Shops that had been on their block as long as they'd lived here were missing, and even the New York skyline in the horizon had changed. The weirdest part of it all was that no one around them seemed the least bit alarmed as they stepped past spreading pools of inky black.

Angela tried to keep up a steady stream of chatter for Abby's sake, though she was pretty dismal at it. "And you'll get to meet Auntie Parker, and Aunt Rory and her daughter, and Auntie Zero, and -- Marty? Who else do you think will be there?"

Marty had been looking off into the distance, trying to determine the safest route to the portal and had only been half-listening. "Um. Auntie Zero. Aunt Rory. Maybe Uncle Angel and Uncle Xander and-"

Marty looked up into the sky and saw the clouds coming in from the horizon. He looked over at Angela, worry etched across his face. "-And a whole bunch of other people you haven't met. Did I ever tell you about my pet chicken? I bet she's there."

"Camilla!" Angela said. "Right. I bet she's just been waiting for us."

Abby gave her a quizzical look at the false cheer. The kind part -- or perhaps the unkind part -- was that the girl didn't seem to realize things were disappearing.

Things were disappearing way too fast, Angela thought, and took two quick steps forward to catch up to Marty. "You and Abby should go ahead," she whispered. "I'll catch up. I just want to call Rory and Anakin so they know" -- what happened -- "we're on our way."

Marty hesitated as looked to the oncoming clouds and back at Angela. "I don't want to leave you behind," he whispered back. "Are you sure you can keep up?"

Angela wasn't sure at all. She nodded anyhow. "You can run faster carrying her," she said, not able to point out how close the clouds were, how likely it was they'd have to run the rest of the way. "I'll find you."

Marty leaned over to give her a fast kiss. "Hurry," he pleaded before swooping Abby up on his shoulders and rushed off. "Now, Abby, have I ever told you about my friend Nadia who could make a sound like a lobster?" he asked right before he turned the corner.

Angela didn't take the time to watch them go. OhGodPleasePickUp, she prayed, head down and still running as her trembling fingers dialed, but of course she got voice mail.

[OOC: Preplayed one last time with the splendid [ profile] oatmanspatient.]

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[*waaaaaaaaail* Angela! Martyyyy!]

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[djwqidjqiuhwiuqshiuwqhsuiwqhdfyueqf noes!!!]


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