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For what she almost dares to hope is the last time, Angela runs up the stairs to the little apartment over Luke's, followed by Marty, who is sporting a serious bruise and carrying a small black leather satchel.

"Alanna tried a spell today and it didn't work," she warns him, jiggling the key in the lock. "What do you have in mind?"
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Home shopping. Christmas in Disneyland, It's A Wonderful Life. A Christmas Story.

Angela is very, very grateful the apartment has a TV, because Christmas on your own sucks and the familiar blue glow is a distraction.

She hopes the younger version of herself -- the one who belongs here -- is warm and safe, wherever she is.

In late afternoon, as a dense fog drops over Fandom, she finds her way to the convenience store and gets a quart of eggnog and a fifth of rum.

Before long, she abandons the pretense of the eggnog, and simply drinks the rum straight, and gets very drunk alone for the first time in her life.
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Angela paced back and forth as she lead Marty up the stairs to the apartment she was borrowing for what she hoped was a short stay.

"Say I'm sick. Say I have laryngitis. Say I'm vomiting every 30 seconds. Whatever. Oh, but say that I'm under excellent medical care," she instructs. "And -- tell her Merry Christmas. If this call even goes through."

She might possibly be praying.


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