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After the phone call from Jordan that had started her day, having babbled about his visit to Janet and half the free world, and then having her planned date with Jordan somehow turn into a fight with Marty, dragging Logan, Veronica and Quinn along, Angela probably shouldn't have gone and gotten drunk.

But she did.

At least Spin the Bottle was fun.

The room is whirling a little, but she believes she has two phone calls to make:

To Jordan )

To Marty )

Then she collapses into the sleep of the exhausted and drunken. It is a very good thing that she is still asleep during the radio broadcast. It may be less of a good thing that she sleeps through Marty's call.
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Back from a walk around the still-snowy campus, Angela threw herself onto her bed and turned the music up, LOUD.

The last few days had been kind of rough. On Friday, after she found out Rory was attacked, she talked to Parker about it in the library and begged her way onto the team to go turn the vampires into dust. While that was still vibrating through her mind, she ran into Marty and had a tense conversation. Working with Lee and Xander in art class had only slightly improved her mood.

With a storm trapping her at the school, she had hung out in the common room Friday night, when she and Marty reached a truce and Parker told her the mission was for fighters and superheroes only, normal girls need not apply. She hated that, but reluctantly saw Parker's point -- more so after she talked to Angel, too, and he seemed just as certain the mission was no place for humans.

And that was before the snow monsters attacked. She had thrown boiling oil, burning textbooks, and ramen noodles at the things, and was happy to watch them melt; but now, tired and with a burned hand, she would be just as happy at a school without monsters, thanks.

At least the victory party had been fun.

And now there was an invitation stuck under her door. She turned it over in her fingers as she stared into space.

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Angela replays Marty's message a few times, smiling to herself, before calling him back.

After hanging up, she thinks of one more thing she should say and makes another call.

She's barely done with that when she gets another message that she assumes is from Marty. Confused, she calls him back.

Then there's a message from Phoebe that she hadn't found time to answer the day before. Making a decision, she returns the message.

She also gets a very confusing message from what sounds like Lee Adama. She sets him straight.

Before going to help Rory move, she finds another message. She doesn't recognize the voice, but *69 shows Piper Halliwell's number. She calls her back.

Later that night, she finds Nadia's message and rubs her forehead. What has Marty done to piss Nadia off already? And why would Sydney also want revenge?

She sighs, then calls Nadia. After deliberating for a moment -- it really isn't her business, after all --she finds the new Sydney's number as well.

And of course, if she's getting involved anyhow, she should call Marty and let him know what was up.

Message left, she considers hiding under her bed for the rest of the weekend.
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For her. Really. )
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Showered, and with wet hair braided back, Angela puts on a clean tank top and pajama pants and waits for Marty.
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I'm on my way to Dean Bristow's office.

Wish us luck?

ETA: Because the roof-painting was caused by utter boredom a gremlin attack, we have to help House with his gremlin research, and continue with the School Beautification project.

So if you need me this week, I'll be either in the clinic or ... scrubbing something.



Oct. 2nd, 2005 01:16 pm
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[Locked to [ profile] mparker16, [ profile] swerval_zero, [ profile] ihatedenmark, [ profile] joan_not_jane and [ profile] oatmanspatient]

Um... crap.

We have about eight hours to figure something out.

Will House and the Tick cover for us? Will that even work?

I have no idea if Sydney would help us or not. I kind of got the sense she wants to stay away from her dad, so I hate to bring her in.

It was fun.

But we are so screwed.


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