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Angela Chase was mesmerized, though whether it was by the line to see Santa, the animatronic display of a family stacking presents, or simply the chaos of it all, was an open question. "Can you hear yourself think?" she asked Marty, not entirely rhetorically.
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Angela is in a pretty good mood, all things considered, as she hoists her duffle bag onto her shoulder and prepares to head off-campus.

For one, the gremlin protection petition has gotten way more signatures than she expected. Even people she wouldn't expect to sign, like Phoebe and Anakin, had come around.

Plus, getting out of classes for a day doesn't suck, and she's looking forward to seeing seeing her parents and sister, and Ricky Vasquez. Even if there is some drama with them left over from her failure to come home for Christmas, it will be nice to get off the island for a while.

She sticks a few cookies for the gremlins in the air ducts in her room and gives Min a final pat before leaving.

[OOC: Yep, gone until Sunday night. Hug a gremlin for Angela.]
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Angela had passed out gifts to what felt like half the school -- Rory, Zero, Parker, Dr. Grissom, Phoebe, Veronica, Janet, Anakin, Ms. Maclay, Jaye and Aziraphale.

There were still three presents sitting on her bed. She gave them a last critical look as she waited for Marty.


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