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Jotted in her notebook as she swivels aimlessly on a stool at Championship Vinyl.

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I'm supposed to get one of you guys not taking Criminology to rate these crimes, from the man who deserves the greatest punishment, to the least:

* A rich man who kills another rich man for a large sum of money to provide more for his family (greed)
* A poor man who kills a rich man for a small sum of money to provide more for his family (perceived necessity)
* A man who kills another man because that man hurt a member of his family (retribution)
* A man who kills another man because he catches that man in bed with his wife (rage)
* A man who kills another man because they are from different sociological groups (prejudice)
* A man who kills another man for the enjoyment of killing (thrill)

The handout says, "Assume that all the men intended to kill their victims, understood their crimes, and there are no other mitigating factors. If the person you question believes they should all receive the same punishment (life in jail, execution, etc.) please ask them to rank them anyway if they would."

I hate assignments that make you pass the work on to your friends. Um, sorry? I'll give whoever does this for me cookies.

Edit: The cookies go to [ profile] 12parseckessel. No need for anyone else to comment (though thanks to [ profile] blueskin_mystiq anyhow.)
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I think things are becoming ... not old normal, but normal for this school for me again. Kind of nice.

Shane from the church last week came to visit me at work today. Turns out she was born in Pittsburgh, but she's been on her own for a really long time. We talked about her job and growing up and stuff. It sounds like she's had a tough life, but she seems to really have it together. I hope I see her again.

And then Marty stopped by. It was ... okay, things have been kind of weird between us since the whole Angelus thing started. I can tell he feels really guilty, which -- he should, but I'm the one who went into an empty storage room with a vampire. And he didn't hurt me. Anyhow, so he's been feeling guilty, and I've been kind of not wanting to deal with that, and so I've been ... not avoiding him, but not really looking for him, either.

But I think things between us are okay now. I hope. He's stuck in detention today, with Grissom. I don't know, everybody else seems to love Grissom, but in Criminology class Thursday I was just a little lost in thought, and he totally yelled at me.

I hate small classes.

I talked to Mr. Phale in the park yesterday. He seems like he might be able to help us with the Angelus thing. I feel like I'm just in so far over my head on that one ... but if it helps, it helps, right?

He blessed my necklace. It feels different.
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Hey Danielle,

I cannot believe this, but I kind of miss you. Already. So ... I thought I'd write just to say hi and see how you're doing. What's going on back home? I talked to Mom yesterday for, like, five minutes, but you know how she is, she just always makes everything sound okay.

My classes are fine. I'm taking journalism, creative writing, geology and political science. You would not believe my journalism teacher -- he's like Hunter S. Thompson, only more bitter. I seem to have bunches of free time -- I might look for a job.

The people here seem cool. It's weird, Brian Krakow goes here too. (Should I tell him you said hi? I know you liiiiike him.) Last night I went to a party in this amazing old house; tonight I think I'm just watching The Valley and going to bed early. Glamorous, huh?

Write back and tell me how things are going on d-word watch.



P.S. If Rayanne comes over looking for her orange sweater, tell her I left it in Jordan's car. Oh, and tell Sharon I said hi and she should send me an email.

Day two.

Sep. 7th, 2005 04:50 pm
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Today my only real class was Geology. My lab partner is this girl named Phoebe
([ profile] future_visions). She's really pretty and seems cool. I've met a few other cool girls ... yesterday I had lunch with [ profile] rory__gilmore. She seems scary smart but nice. And in study hall I was hanging out with Paige ([ profile] the4thsister), who is a little like Rayanne only with this lollypop fixation. This guy [ profile] jayne_serenity (I have no idea what's up with a guy named Jayne) asked us to come over to his place for a drink. Can't decide if I should go or not... I think I will. It's not like I can't take care of myself.
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I found a roommate, [ profile] sydney_bristow_. She seems cool, she says she won't mind my music or whatever. We still have to pick a dorm room and decorate it and stuff.

I think I figured out my class schedule, somehow. I signed up for Political Science, Tuesday and Thursday 9-10:30 a.m.; Journalism 301 which is 11 a.m.-3 p.m. every day (you only have to show up twice a week -- I'm taking Tuesday/Thursday); Geology Monday and Wednesday, 12:30-2 p.m.; Geology lab, Friday 2-5 p.m.; and Creative Writing whenever I can fit it in. (The room is, no lie, magic.) Oh, and I'm joining this Wildcrafting club -- it's about, like, plant magick and herbal medicine. Amber had a book about that stuff and it was awesome.

I haven't seen any guys here as cute as Jordan yet, at least none who don't seem like total asses. Maybe that's a good thing? I don't wanna spend another year obsessing over some guy who only cares about my body, or whatever.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing on my first day of classes tomorrow ... I was thinking dark gray denim skirt, pink t-shirt, green and pink flannel shirt, black tights, green Docs. But it might be too hot for flannel. Maybe that dark blue paisley mini-dress and blue velvet China flats?

New school

Sep. 6th, 2005 10:45 am
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So my mom just suddenly decided, out of nowhere, that I wasn't going to Liberty this year. That I have to go to [ profile] fandomhigh and live in the dorms. With some roommate I don't even know.

And Dad agreed. I thought he liked me.

I cannot decide if they just went insane, or if they're getting a divorce and wanted Danielle and me out of the house, or what. Krakow is enrolled here too, so maybe our parents decided together to do this for our own good?

Whatever. It's not like school was going to be so great this year. Jordan has, like, vanished.

I signed up for journalism, geology, English and political science, but they're making me pick an activity too.


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