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Something was niggling at Angela's stomach, keeping her from sleep.

It might have just been the fact Min had decided one of her hair bands was a perfect toy, and was loudly stalking it around the room.

No, it felt like more than that.

Sighing and deciding to make the most of her early wakefulness, Angela pulled away from Marty and crept out of bed. He mumbled a little, but hardly stirred as she yanked on boots, jeans and a jacket and headed out the door. She returned 15 minutes later with a bag of muffins and two enormous cups of coffee.

Then she sat down in the chair at the side of the bed and watched Marty sleep, her face relaxing as she did so. Maybe today would be a good day after all.

Muffins, scrapbooking, and phone calls behind here. )

[OOC: Preplayed with [ profile] oatmanspatient. No interaction possible. Also, I am email only from about noon today until April 4 and will miss you guys like whoa.]
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Most of Angela's visit home is uneventful. She gives Marty's picture frames to her mother ("How nice of him to think of us") and father ("This is really neat, kid. Thanks.") She hangs out with Danielle ("Seriously, your school has gremlins? Cool.") and Ricky Vasquez. ("You're making this up. You aren't making this up. You know I'm praying for you, girl.") and she gets far, far more sweaters then she will ever wear as presents from assorted relatives.

And she makes out with Jordan Catalano.

Yeah, that would be the interesting part.


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Angela is in a pretty good mood, all things considered, as she hoists her duffle bag onto her shoulder and prepares to head off-campus.

For one, the gremlin protection petition has gotten way more signatures than she expected. Even people she wouldn't expect to sign, like Phoebe and Anakin, had come around.

Plus, getting out of classes for a day doesn't suck, and she's looking forward to seeing seeing her parents and sister, and Ricky Vasquez. Even if there is some drama with them left over from her failure to come home for Christmas, it will be nice to get off the island for a while.

She sticks a few cookies for the gremlins in the air ducts in her room and gives Min a final pat before leaving.

[OOC: Yep, gone until Sunday night. Hug a gremlin for Angela.]
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Angela paced back and forth as she lead Marty up the stairs to the apartment she was borrowing for what she hoped was a short stay.

"Say I'm sick. Say I have laryngitis. Say I'm vomiting every 30 seconds. Whatever. Oh, but say that I'm under excellent medical care," she instructs. "And -- tell her Merry Christmas. If this call even goes through."

She might possibly be praying.
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Angela's letter home )


And her mom's answer. )
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For her. Really. )
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