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Angela's letter home )


And her mom's answer. )
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Subject: Hey.

hi angella --

how are you? i'm still in ohio. the band is doing really good.

tino got a job in a karayokey bar on some weird iland near washington. he might be near where you are.

if you see him, tell him i said hi.

write back if you want, or whatever.

- jordan catalano

Angela doesn't write back. Yet. But she does remember to watch for Tino.
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Subject: Congratulations

Hi --

I just saw the election results, and .... awesome. You all ran great campaigns, and I'm so happy for all of you. (I'm not sure how *I* ended up being friendly with five-sevenths of the student council -- my friends at my old school would be laughing their asses off about that -- but whatever.)

Rory, Marty, the offer to buy you guys breakfast stands. Phoebe, happy happy birthday -- we seriously couldn't ask for a better president. Beka, whatever happened between us, I know I feel safer with you around. Anya, I hope you have fun with the money.

Congrats again!

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Email to Patty and Graham Chase )
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Email to Enrique Vasquez )
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Subject line: Cooking help?

Hi Dad,

Could you send me the recipes for your spaghetti carbonara and that balsamic vinaigrette? I'm taking a cooking class tomorrow and I think that's what I want to make.

Thanks. Tell Mom I said hi. Danielle should have a letter from me soonish.

School is fine, by the way.



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Hey Danielle,

I cannot believe this, but I kind of miss you. Already. So ... I thought I'd write just to say hi and see how you're doing. What's going on back home? I talked to Mom yesterday for, like, five minutes, but you know how she is, she just always makes everything sound okay.

My classes are fine. I'm taking journalism, creative writing, geology and political science. You would not believe my journalism teacher -- he's like Hunter S. Thompson, only more bitter. I seem to have bunches of free time -- I might look for a job.

The people here seem cool. It's weird, Brian Krakow goes here too. (Should I tell him you said hi? I know you liiiiike him.) Last night I went to a party in this amazing old house; tonight I think I'm just watching The Valley and going to bed early. Glamorous, huh?

Write back and tell me how things are going on d-word watch.



P.S. If Rayanne comes over looking for her orange sweater, tell her I left it in Jordan's car. Oh, and tell Sharon I said hi and she should send me an email.


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