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Angela woke up with a start from a dream where Marty was chasing her with a fireball. Her relief at being in her room, in her bed, with her cat sleeping at the foot of the bed, was temporary -- she realized all of it, from getting grabbed in the Perk and taken to a cabin where Marty (or someone who looked like him) demo0nstrated demon powers and threatened to kill her -- had really happened.

The fact Marty had reappeared a moment later and been normal, just worried, almost made things worse, as did learning Bridge and Z were also missing and Cally had been hurt by a demon.

At least it sounded like Tori could take care of herself.

Angela pulled the covers back over her head. she wasn't sure she could deal with the outside world, not yet.
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So there had been more goodbyes and some post-goodbye recovery, and time to be emo and talk to Marty, Nadia and new boy JD on the roof. Angela was mostly happy to be alone with her thoughts as she laid back on her bed.

Feeling like she should at least do something mildly productive, she opened Marty's borrowed laptop and checked her e-mail )

...and it reminded her of a whole new set of people she had to miss. She stared glumly out the window into the night.

[OOC: Mostly for Marty. This has been such an emo week.]
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Angela sang along with the Violent Femmes on her stereo and bounced around as she unpacked in her familiar dorm room, door open.

Her vacation had given her some new experiences she appreciated, and some new thoughts she was trying hard not to dwell on, but in the end? She was really glad to be home.

She made some phone calls, then set to work sticking stuff in drawers.

[OOC: She's baaaaaack. Come say hi.]


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