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Angela was still thinking about her conversation with her mother as she clomped into the dorm and unlocked the door to her room.

However, even the weirdness of ghosts was lost in the carnage that greeted her. Her bookcase had been overturned, the bedclothes were all over the floor, and dribbles and clumps of nail polish, foundation and eye shadow stippled every surface.

In the middle of the room, Min slept on.

Angela groaned, burying her face in her hands. Then she dropped her suitcase on the floor and set to work straightening things. She left her door open, just in case anyone was inclined to help.
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Minerva was bored.

It had been almost 36 entire hours since the two-legged female food-giver dumped a suitcase out onto the bed, stuffed things from the mass into a different bag, gave the cat's bowl an extra shake of Friskies, and headed Away.

Min wasn't sure what was Away, but she was certain it could not be more worthy than giving her the attention she was due.

She pawed through the pile on the bed, looking for a soft place to nap. Some kind of long hard stick thing was getting in her way; Min pawed it to the side, where it landed on two teddy bears -- one wearing the Beefeater uniform of Tower of London guards, the other in a classic French uniform of beret and striped shirt.

It was too bad, really, that the toy wand was enchanted for use by the youngest of children, and interpreted Min's huff of disdain as a reason to cast its spell.

It was also too bad, really, that the particular enchantment on that wand was one that would bring inanimate objects to life.

As the teddies began to stir, Min floomfed down for a nap.


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