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It was Angela's 19th birthday, but she didn't have any plans to celebrate, really. She'd let herself have a caramel latte at work --- ooh, rebellion -- and was now flopped on her bed, trying to do some reading for her women's lit final.

Of course, Virginia Woolf wouldn't do her much good if she didn't make it past freshman year, but Angela wasn't letting herself think that far ahead.

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Angela had just finished her last final and was humming "Silver Bells" as she packed for her Christmas trip home. Out of habit, she called into her Fandom voicemail -- and the smile slowly died on her face as she listened to Anakin's message.

So. Angelus was back, and she was ten years away and useless. Even though she hadn't kept her notes from that horrible time two years ago -- she had wanted to block it from her mind -- she hoped that, if she just went back to Fandom, she'd be able to help *somehow.*

After calling him back, she made two other phone calls, then logged into Portalocity to see how fast she could get to Fandom.
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Angela had shipped almost all of her stuff home, but it wasn't time to leave for her flight yet. The last of her luggage was stacked just inside the cabin living room. Outside the cabin, she sat on the ground near the campfire, poking at the ashes with a stick and thinking.

Main thought: Goodbyes sucked. And she had let her friends know she was leaving that day, so she had even more to look forward to.

Poke, poke, poke, she went at the fire, as if that could keep her in Fandom.

[OOC: If you think she told you she was leaving, she did.]
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Angela had been procrastinating. That was why it was almost 10 p.m. Saturday and she still hadn't given out any Christmas presents or finished packing for her journey to her parents' house the next day.

But there were two big piles on her bed; one of clothes, the other of presents. Stop by, and she might give you a gift. Or else draft you to help pack. It's all the same, right?
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Angela sang along with the Violent Femmes on her stereo and bounced around as she unpacked in her familiar dorm room, door open.

Her vacation had given her some new experiences she appreciated, and some new thoughts she was trying hard not to dwell on, but in the end? She was really glad to be home.

She made some phone calls, then set to work sticking stuff in drawers.

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Angela was trying to read, and mostly failing.

What she was actively doing was sighing and thinking and nibbling on a thumbnail and thinking some more. Even two days later, the email from Parker and conversation with Rory occupied her mind. She just hoped she had done the right things.

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Subject: Fwd: Vacations are nice.

Hey, person I just talked to ten minutes ago.

Parker wants you to write her.

Also, she loves your new look, so there.


The correspondance from the afternoon is attached as a forward.
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To: Rory Gilmore: M. Parker; Zero Hopeless-Savage
Subject: Vacations are nice.


So Tahiti is insanely beautiful. Group trip after graduation, please? Or I might just move here.

I have attached a picture of our resort. It's cabins like the one you can see, all up the beach, surrounding a central pool and dining hall. I've been dividing my time between the beach and the pool. My tan is incredible. Oh, and yesterday we went snorkeling with dolphins. Other than some snakes on the plane on the way here, everything has been pretty much perfect.

Parker, thanks for the shirtless men. Are Alec and Dean actual twins, or another set of doubles? They're pretty. Also, tell Ms. 1996 to figure out how to use the Internet, if she hasn't yet, and to completely ignore the news, because it will just depress her. And send her to Empire Records for the pop music crash course.

I got a picture of Marty on the beach, too. Sorry it's so tiny -- the camera was being weird. I tried to get one of him shirtless but he wouldn't let me, even for art.

I miss everyone. See you in July!


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At some point during the study group meeting, Angela slips away to talk to Parker. She figures that if anyone will know what she would do...

"So, I guess you got my message," Angela says, hesitantly. "It's stupid. I'm scared. Any ideas?"
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Back from a walk around the still-snowy campus, Angela threw herself onto her bed and turned the music up, LOUD.

The last few days had been kind of rough. On Friday, after she found out Rory was attacked, she talked to Parker about it in the library and begged her way onto the team to go turn the vampires into dust. While that was still vibrating through her mind, she ran into Marty and had a tense conversation. Working with Lee and Xander in art class had only slightly improved her mood.

With a storm trapping her at the school, she had hung out in the common room Friday night, when she and Marty reached a truce and Parker told her the mission was for fighters and superheroes only, normal girls need not apply. She hated that, but reluctantly saw Parker's point -- more so after she talked to Angel, too, and he seemed just as certain the mission was no place for humans.

And that was before the snow monsters attacked. She had thrown boiling oil, burning textbooks, and ramen noodles at the things, and was happy to watch them melt; but now, tired and with a burned hand, she would be just as happy at a school without monsters, thanks.

At least the victory party had been fun.

And now there was an invitation stuck under her door. She turned it over in her fingers as she stared into space.

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Angela's nose is running. Her nose is running, and her head hurts, and she is confused, and she's worried about her finals, and her boyfriend has apparently gone invisible, and all of her friends went to Chicago and didn't bother to tell her.

Not that she's feeling sorry for herself or anything. Right. But she does need a distraction if she isn't going to stare at the ceiling and think about how much her life sucks all night.

She walks down to the second floor and taps on the door of Parker and Rory's suite.

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