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Angela was still thinking about her conversation with her mother as she clomped into the dorm and unlocked the door to her room.

However, even the weirdness of ghosts was lost in the carnage that greeted her. Her bookcase had been overturned, the bedclothes were all over the floor, and dribbles and clumps of nail polish, foundation and eye shadow stippled every surface.

In the middle of the room, Min slept on.

Angela groaned, burying her face in her hands. Then she dropped her suitcase on the floor and set to work straightening things. She left her door open, just in case anyone was inclined to help.
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Very late, Angela left the common room and made her sleepy way up the stairs to her room.

She gave Min a little catnip for druggie cat fun and settled in to read before bed.
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Angela sits cross-legged on her bed. She's trying to review for her criminology midterm, but really she's thinking about her family and about what had happened with Lockheed two nights before.

She hasn't heard about Kitty since, and she's getting very worried.

And she can't even think about how to call her dad. Half the time she wants to scream at him; the other half, she's convinced she would just sob over the phone lines.

She flops back on her bed and stares into space, wishing there was someone around for her to talk to.
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Still tired from the week that was, Angela has curled up in an oversized t-shirt and yoga pants and is watching Heavenly Creatures on her laptop. (She appreciates macabre. Also Kate Winslet.)

Some glamorous Saturday night, she thinks, as she nibbles on jelly beans.

She wouldn't hate anyone who knocked on her door.
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She isn't sure whether it's the Mudder's Milk or the encounter with Angelus, or just the latest weirdness with Marty, but whatever it is, Angela is not feeling her best today. She drags herself to geology -- grateful that Ms. Sidle has taken the day off -- and then straight back to her dorm room. She's in there now, flipping half-heartedly through Slaughterhouse-5 and thinking about ... things.

She would probably answer the door for anyone who wanted to see her, but she might not be great company.


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