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It was Angela's 19th birthday, but she didn't have any plans to celebrate, really. She'd let herself have a caramel latte at work --- ooh, rebellion -- and was now flopped on her bed, trying to do some reading for her women's lit final.

Of course, Virginia Woolf wouldn't do her much good if she didn't make it past freshman year, but Angela wasn't letting herself think that far ahead.

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Angela had shipped almost all of her stuff home, but it wasn't time to leave for her flight yet. The last of her luggage was stacked just inside the cabin living room. Outside the cabin, she sat on the ground near the campfire, poking at the ashes with a stick and thinking.

Main thought: Goodbyes sucked. And she had let her friends know she was leaving that day, so she had even more to look forward to.

Poke, poke, poke, she went at the fire, as if that could keep her in Fandom.

[OOC: If you think she told you she was leaving, she did.]
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Angela sat in front of the mirror, trying to figure out how to remove the blond extensions from her hair without pulling off her entire scalp.

The Jamies Madroxes were going to die. Though she had to admit, it didn't look too awful, just ... not like her.

It had been a quiet week -- just class, time with Marty and talking to Rory at the newspaper meeting. Plus her dad was supposed to get to the school around noon.

Hopefully her hair would be back to normal by then.
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After dinner in the common room, Angela came back to her room and flopped onto bed. Meeting Luke had been ... kind of odd, especially after her conversation with Rory a few days before. At least Alanna understood how much the whole thing sucked, and no one seemed to hold the whole gremlin thing against her.

She'd met the new librarian, too, who seemed very cool. And Cross-Species Communication was interesting.

She scratched a sleepy Min with one hand and stared into space, leaving her dorm room door open so she could see any action.

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So there had been more goodbyes and some post-goodbye recovery, and time to be emo and talk to Marty, Nadia and new boy JD on the roof. Angela was mostly happy to be alone with her thoughts as she laid back on her bed.

Feeling like she should at least do something mildly productive, she opened Marty's borrowed laptop and checked her e-mail )

...and it reminded her of a whole new set of people she had to miss. She stared glumly out the window into the night.

[OOC: Mostly for Marty. This has been such an emo week.]
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Angela had pushed the beds together and covered them with every pillow or cushion she could get her hands on -- if the third floor common room appears slightly denuded, blame her.

Of course, Min claimed a prime spot in the middle of the bed-couch-thing. And sneered. It was amazing how big and immobile a ten-pound cat could look.

She set out some snacks and drinks on the desk, then turned to trying to set up Marty's laptop to act as a DVD player. It couldn't be that complicated, could it? She bit her lip, wondering if she'd need to wait for him to get back from his trip to the store before they could start.

Finally, the disc loaded, and she let up a cheer as she waited for her guests.

[OOC: For Marty, Anakin and Rory.]
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Subject: Bonjour, ma amie )
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Angela was trying to read, and mostly failing.

What she was actively doing was sighing and thinking and nibbling on a thumbnail and thinking some more. Even two days later, the email from Parker and conversation with Rory occupied her mind. She just hoped she had done the right things.

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Back from a walk around the still-snowy campus, Angela threw herself onto her bed and turned the music up, LOUD.

The last few days had been kind of rough. On Friday, after she found out Rory was attacked, she talked to Parker about it in the library and begged her way onto the team to go turn the vampires into dust. While that was still vibrating through her mind, she ran into Marty and had a tense conversation. Working with Lee and Xander in art class had only slightly improved her mood.

With a storm trapping her at the school, she had hung out in the common room Friday night, when she and Marty reached a truce and Parker told her the mission was for fighters and superheroes only, normal girls need not apply. She hated that, but reluctantly saw Parker's point -- more so after she talked to Angel, too, and he seemed just as certain the mission was no place for humans.

And that was before the snow monsters attacked. She had thrown boiling oil, burning textbooks, and ramen noodles at the things, and was happy to watch them melt; but now, tired and with a burned hand, she would be just as happy at a school without monsters, thanks.

At least the victory party had been fun.

And now there was an invitation stuck under her door. She turned it over in her fingers as she stared into space.

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Angela's nose is running. Her nose is running, and her head hurts, and she is confused, and she's worried about her finals, and her boyfriend has apparently gone invisible, and all of her friends went to Chicago and didn't bother to tell her.

Not that she's feeling sorry for herself or anything. Right. But she does need a distraction if she isn't going to stare at the ceiling and think about how much her life sucks all night.

She walks down to the second floor and taps on the door of Parker and Rory's suite.

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Angela sits cross-legged on her bed. She's trying to review for her criminology midterm, but really she's thinking about her family and about what had happened with Lockheed two nights before.

She hasn't heard about Kitty since, and she's getting very worried.

And she can't even think about how to call her dad. Half the time she wants to scream at him; the other half, she's convinced she would just sob over the phone lines.

She flops back on her bed and stares into space, wishing there was someone around for her to talk to.
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After the Homecoming Fair... )
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She isn't sure whether it's the Mudder's Milk or the encounter with Angelus, or just the latest weirdness with Marty, but whatever it is, Angela is not feeling her best today. She drags herself to geology -- grateful that Ms. Sidle has taken the day off -- and then straight back to her dorm room. She's in there now, flipping half-heartedly through Slaughterhouse-5 and thinking about ... things.

She would probably answer the door for anyone who wanted to see her, but she might not be great company.


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