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Angela woke up curled into a ball on Marty's bed, feeling chilly. Her first thought was to wonder why she had fallen asleep in her clothes.

Then she wondered why she'd had such a weird dream. She and Marty had been in the dorm hall when suddenly they started to fight about ... jealousy? Of Dean Tick? She'd even gone to the library to see Bridge about it and told Sam Carter the whole story when they were supposed to be working on a sociology quiz. (Angela was starting to wonder why she was taking a normal test in a dream.) Then, somehow, calling Veronica came into it, and -- wow, her imagination was weird -- she had gotten paranoia all over Dean Tick before confronting Marty.

Who was in a tree. Wearing a suit.

It had to be a dream, right?

It was a good thing Angela hadn't checked her voice mail yet. She sat up and groaned.
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Angela looked quite contemplative as she lay back on her bed. Sure, there were nice new people and Z-Cases and book drives and teachers to interview and trips to D.C. in the world ... but there were also goodbyes. Which sucked.

She listened to soft music and tossed a ball from hand to hand, wondering what the next year would bring.

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After Marty left, Angela took a few hours to recover, she curled on her bed, hugging herself as if she might fly away.

When she stood again, she looked hesitantly at the phone. Then she dialed a familiar number -- Veronica's number. The line was staticky, but she could hear the phone ring.


"Veronica? It's Angela." The voice was tear-stained. "Marty just came to say goodbye."

Conversation behind the cut. )

[OOC: Played via email with [ profile] marsheadtilt.]
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[OOC: RP'd via email.]

After hanging up with Phoebe, Veronica tries to figure out who to call next. Still wanting to put off the inevitable conversation with Rory, she decides to call Angela. Maybe she can get a feel for how Rory
reacted from her.

She dials the phone, half hoping it will go to voicemail and half hoping Angela will answer.

Angela is almost out the door to journalism class when her ringing phone lures her back. "Hello?" she says, sounding a little out of breath.

Veronica takes a deep breath. "Angela, it's Veronica. I, um, wanted to apologize for what happened last night. I don't know if you heard the radio, but Piper and I got bitten by a gremlin."

Cut due to length. Sadly, nobody's getting dragged into the bathroom this time. )


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