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When she got back to her room after her wedding, Angela hung her dress up neatly and put on a clean pair of pajamas, though her hair was still full of cupcake batter because she was not totally convinced bathing would not kill her.

She had a lot to think about as she curled around her teddy bear in bed, because it had been a busy weekend. She had gotten ice cream for breakfast, watched Maureen and Anakin throw food at Cafe Fina, avoided lava with a real live superhero, bought CDs, built a fort against Monsters and aliens, learned how to trap vampires-but-not-Angel, found out she couldn't be a Peas Keeper, seen a movie, baked cupcakes, and gotten married. And she had been on the radio!

As she fell asleep, she planned to make a drawing for Hamlet and one for Marty. And maybe one for Mr. Mountie too.
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Angela woke up and grinned. It was Saturday, which meant CARTOONS, which were the best part of the week for a five-year-old. She hummed to herself tunelessly as she brushed her hair into a messy ponytail All By Herself, then pulled on a long-sleeved t-shirt, denim overalls, and pretty glittery gold sandals, then dove under the bed to retrieve a teddy bear with a beret on its head.

"All set," she told the bear. "Let's go find breffast!"

Only tripping over her heels once or twice, she danced with the bear alllll the way to the second floor common room.


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