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Back from a walk around the still-snowy campus, Angela threw herself onto her bed and turned the music up, LOUD.

The last few days had been kind of rough. On Friday, after she found out Rory was attacked, she talked to Parker about it in the library and begged her way onto the team to go turn the vampires into dust. While that was still vibrating through her mind, she ran into Marty and had a tense conversation. Working with Lee and Xander in art class had only slightly improved her mood.

With a storm trapping her at the school, she had hung out in the common room Friday night, when she and Marty reached a truce and Parker told her the mission was for fighters and superheroes only, normal girls need not apply. She hated that, but reluctantly saw Parker's point -- more so after she talked to Angel, too, and he seemed just as certain the mission was no place for humans.

And that was before the snow monsters attacked. She had thrown boiling oil, burning textbooks, and ramen noodles at the things, and was happy to watch them melt; but now, tired and with a burned hand, she would be just as happy at a school without monsters, thanks.

At least the victory party had been fun.

And now there was an invitation stuck under her door. She turned it over in her fingers as she stared into space.

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I am tired, and my laundry pile now smells like zombie goo, but I made it through the last two days okay.

Um, this is just so unbelievable that I will just state the bare facts: On Friday night, I was at work when it, like, started raining. Really hard.

And then Maia (who didn't seem as freaky as she usually does) and Mr. Phale came in and told Rob and me that we needed to evacuate. Rob said no, he'd stay and wait for Parker. (I completely don't even want to know. He's, like, twice her age.) So then we went across the park to Mr. Phale's shop. Maia shot a zombie with the gun Marty gave me. We caught up with that panther guy, Red, and the banker, Sal.

We barricaded ourselves in the shop okay, but then Mr. Phale brought us to the police station. I don't understand how -- I think he, like, teleported us. And then Marty showed up at the police station, and, um, Ikindofcalledhimmyboyfriend, and then basically everyone in town went to the church as a big group. Oh, and at this point, Maia and I are watching Red's cubs. They're very cute, but I still don't know what he or they are.

Anyhow. So I kind of dozed at the church, a little, and the next morning this woman Deb from that new restaurant brought us food. Then Marty and I decided to walk back to school. I ran into Rory at the yearbook bake sale -- she was okay, though it sounds like she had a worse night than I did.

And then there were zombies. Again. I didn't want to risk shooting anyone else in the butt, so I signed up for the medic/support team. Thank god Mom made me take that babysitting course with all the stuff about first aid, 'cause otherwise I would have been completely useless. I ended up wrapping a couple of wounds and managed to shoot and kill a zombie that was threatening me and Rose. (It was a very lucky shot.) We were heading in to raid the dorms for alcohol, stimulants, and anything else that might be useful when the new gym teacher, Ash, did some ... thing ... I don't understand and all the zombies fell down dead. Deader? Dead again?

And then I went to a really big party and talked homecoming with Rory and Marty. Because, hey, high school.

Today I need to do my laundry. And try and make my brain quit being broken.
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After breakfast at the church, Angela and Marty picked their way through the partially-devastated town. Angela had spent the night at a bookstore, police station, and church, surrounded by zombies. She had not slept much, and her clothes were marred with ash and grass stains.

But somehow? She felt almost ... okay.

"Once you get past a certain level of freaked out, you just ... can't get any more upset," she thinks. "It's like when Alice is falling down the rabbit hole."

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Angela wakes up from a nightmare with one thought flashing through her mind: Something isn't right.

She tries to reason with herself: What, you mean like you accidentally shot someone yesterday and you're cuddling with a hit man? And DEATH told you that you have the plague? Many, many things are not right.

Eventually, she falls back asleep, but the thought comes back as she brushes her teeth and prepares for class the next morning. Something is really wrong.

She shrugs, squares her shoulders, and heads into the world.
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There was kissing. Nice kissing, slow kissing, sweet kissing, fun kissing.

I love kissing.

I do not love tentacle monsters, but Miss Drusilla's was pretty non-scary, I guess, as such things go. I don't exactly have a lot to compare it to.

In conclusion, kissing. Good. Yay.
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[Angela meant to lock this, but she screwed up, so it's public.]

Something about the whole experience of actually being in an actual police station makes you want to talk about it in cliches. For example, I might say that I sang like a canary.

I said way more than I meant to. But there was the cute detective and the nice grandfatherly detective and I was scared and trying to be polite and, like, helpful? And words just .... kept coming out of my mouth.

And then I realized I was, like, thinking of completely the wrong party. And I wasn't even drunk at either of them.

If Parker doesn't kill me, Angelus will. I should try and get some pepper spray or something.

(In the back of my head, Rayanne is saying, "Like that would help, Chase." But seriously -- I don't think anything I could do actually would, if these people were mad at me.)

I have no idea why Marty is still in jail. I don't think he did anything really serious.

And I can't believe he was in the army, but maybe ... or maybe he's just, like, a pathological liar.


Why am I obsessing over him? We haven't even had a real conversation yet, and kissing would be in, like, another galaxy from where our relationship actually is. This sucks.

There's a slumber party tonight, girls only. Maybe that will relax me. I just hope nobody asks me about Marty or the police or any of that. It feels less real if I don't talk about it, you know?
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I'm spending the night babysitting a horse in the common room. Death's horse, according to Draco and Ms. Sidle.

This would have seemed very strange to me ten days ago. Now? I'm going to check if I can find any apples for him. He's a very nice horse, after all.

The rest of my day was pretty dull. My classes were fine. I did a lot of looking at Marty while pretending not to look at him, and pretending I didn't notice him looking at me, in study hall. He scares me, but it might be in a good way.

Day Four

Sep. 9th, 2005 07:04 pm
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So today, a girl got attacked by a giant squid in the bathroom.

A squid.

Kind of makes me wish for guns or a gang, like back home. Though I think there are guns here, too.

She's fine, but the mess was ... icky. I almost barfed.

I didn't do much today. I heard there are a couple new businesses in town -- a movie theater, a bookstore and a record shop. I applied for a job at the record shop. It would be so cool if I got it.

I don't have plans tonight yet. Guess I'll walk to the common room and see if anyone wants to hang out. Though how pathetic will I look if no one does?


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