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There was kissing. Nice kissing, slow kissing, sweet kissing, fun kissing.

I love kissing.

I do not love tentacle monsters, but Miss Drusilla's was pretty non-scary, I guess, as such things go. I don't exactly have a lot to compare it to.

In conclusion, kissing. Good. Yay.
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So despite my angst, everything worked out last night. I hung out and talked about boys with Paige for a while. (She is definitey another Rayanne, by the way, but I need a little trouble in my life.) She's kind of dating this guy Draco. I don't really know him yet; he's not quite my type, but he's very hot, very arrogant, and very British, and some people think he had something to do with the squid incident. (Paige says not to believe them, and I believe Paige.)

Later on, this guy Wallace joined us, and then we hooked up with a big group -- I remember Veronica and Rory, this girl Summer, and a bunch of other people from our dorm, and I think Sydney showed up when we were almost done eating -- and went to get Chinese food. I had hot and sour soup and shrimp lo mein; it was killer good, even though I was almost falling asleep by the time we finished.

It's interesting to go to a school with so many people from such different backgrounds. It makes being normal seem ... abnormal. But then, maybe being "normal" has always been more rare than being "abnormal," and I've just never noticed before? I need to think about this more.

Speaking of normal and abnormal ... Krakow withdrew. I'm not sure what happened; I only saw him long enough to say goodbye. As bizarre as it was to find him here, it will be even more bizarre to have absolutely no one I know around.

Also -- I got the job at Championship Vinyl. My parents will be happy, and it seems like quite the cool work environment. I start next Friday. I'm nervous, but it should be cool.

I think I'm going to head over to a party at this guy Logan's place in a little bit. Veronica knows him, and it sounds like there's a story there that I don't want to ask her for. But a party is a party, and hooray for parties.


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