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2006-07-08 01:00 am

de Gaulle Airport and on to Fandom, Saturday Noon

The flight to Dulles was being announced, and Angela was trying to decide if they should even get on it.

"Seriously, are you good to fly?" she asked Marty. "You look kind of green. Um, grey-green, really."

[OOC: This is being posted early, but IC, they aren't back until Saturday afternoon. No interaction possible just yet.]
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2006-05-19 08:47 pm
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Another email

Subject: Fwd: Vacations are nice.

Hey, person I just talked to ten minutes ago.

Parker wants you to write her.

Also, she loves your new look, so there.


The correspondance from the afternoon is attached as a forward.
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2006-05-19 04:30 pm
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Email from Tahiti

To: Rory Gilmore: M. Parker; Zero Hopeless-Savage
Subject: Vacations are nice.


So Tahiti is insanely beautiful. Group trip after graduation, please? Or I might just move here.

I have attached a picture of our resort. It's cabins like the one you can see, all up the beach, surrounding a central pool and dining hall. I've been dividing my time between the beach and the pool. My tan is incredible. Oh, and yesterday we went snorkeling with dolphins. Other than some snakes on the plane on the way here, everything has been pretty much perfect.

Parker, thanks for the shirtless men. Are Alec and Dean actual twins, or another set of doubles? They're pretty. Also, tell Ms. 1996 to figure out how to use the Internet, if she hasn't yet, and to completely ignore the news, because it will just depress her. And send her to Empire Records for the pop music crash course.

I got a picture of Marty on the beach, too. Sorry it's so tiny -- the camera was being weird. I tried to get one of him shirtless but he wouldn't let me, even for art.

I miss everyone. See you in July!