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Angela was sitting on her bed, crumpled paper around her. She just needed to get the description of the girl's in her story's freezing hands exactly right to impress Yuki.

And as I looked at the garden, I knew. Knew that my touch made things cold and hard. My long, slender fingers still had purplish nails; they shone like a promise, like vanishing girlhood.

Well, that wouldn't quite do. Angela sighed, crossed it out and started over.

Her door was open.
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It wasn't especially early, but it still felt early if you had been up late, which Angela had.

Sadly, cats can't read clocks, and Min was making little 'Please remember I exist and feed me now' meaows. Angela stumbled out of bed to feed the cata nd start the coffeepot.

And then she sat on the edge of the bed and just kind of looked at Marty, who had dropped by only moments before she had fallen asleep. She could go back to bed, or she could wake him up. Hmmm.
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The first thing Angela notices when she wakes up is that something is staring at her.

She closes her eyes and wills for it not to be there when she opens them again. Doesn't work -- the same yellow-grey eyes and furry face are still looming over her own.

Groggily, she realizes that a)it's a cat. The cat she adopted; b)it's probably hungry; and c)she is not alone in the bed. But at least it's *her* bed for once.

She prods the lump that is Marty with a careful forefinger. "Hey," she whispers into his ear. "Morning. Cat wants food. Can you talk?"

It's *almost* complete sentences.
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Martin is back, and I seem to have inherited his cat.

I think I'm calling her Minerva. Goddess of wisdom and war, plus she just *looks* like a Min. Rory made me think of it by suggesting Loki, which got me looking at goddess names.

I'm not even going to talk about what else happened in Study Hall, other than to say that my decision to never go near the cafeteria has been validated yet again.

I'm so happy to have him here again. Even with the singing. I just need to find a way to tell him about Saturday in the library.

Had my first ethics class today. Ms. MacClay -- Tara -- she wasn't kidding about liking to challenge people. And I dropped some stuff right in front of Angelus.

Maybe he'll think it's funny?

I just ... I can't keep thinking about that. It will make me crazy.

(Is there a difference between me eating a steak and Angelus eating me? Other than that I don't want to be eaten ... but I doubt the cow does, either. Must research vegetarianism.)


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