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It wasn't especially early, but it still felt early if you had been up late, which Angela had.

Sadly, cats can't read clocks, and Min was making little 'Please remember I exist and feed me now' meaows. Angela stumbled out of bed to feed the cata nd start the coffeepot.

And then she sat on the edge of the bed and just kind of looked at Marty, who had dropped by only moments before she had fallen asleep. She could go back to bed, or she could wake him up. Hmmm.
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Marty was still sleeping deeply as Angela crept out of bed and took to the streets of Paris. She returned a little breathless, having used a mixture of Pidgin French, pointing, and smiling to accomplish her shopping.

It was worth it, though. She started to brew coffee in the pot in the room as she arranged a picnic -- fresh bread, Nutella, strawberries, champagne and orange juice -- on a tray decorated with tiger lilies.

She'd been shopping throughout their vacation, so of course she had picked up
a few birthday presents.

She fidgeted with the last two through her clothes as she leaned over to kiss Marty awake.

[OOC: NFB due to location. Last two links somewhat NSFW.]
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Minerva believed it was time for breakfast, and was meowing loudly into Angela's ear to communicate this belief.

Angela believed she had finished junior year and managed to almost completely avoid the scary new people the day before, and thus it was her right to sleep in. To communicate this belief, she was thwapping at the cat with one forearm, trying to shove her off the bed without opening her eyes.


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